How to Information

1. Press the power button. It will automatically set at 180C
2. Set the temperature according to your hair texture using the +/- buttons.
Please wait for the curler to heat up for 30 - 60 seconds. We recommend :
for fine/thin hair texture select between 130-180C
for thick/coarse hair texture select between 180-200C
3. Take small section of hair and clamp the ends of the hair.
Please take care when placing the hair on the clamp avoid being too closed to the base of the curling iron.
4. Press left or right button for the curler to start rolling till 5 cm away from the root of the hair.
Tips for a curl out
    For left hair Clip facing out and press R
    For right hair Clip facing in and press L
5. Wait for 7-10 seconds and press the clamp to release the hair.
Voila perfect curls
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 : Clip Click Release 
Please Note Start slow by tapping the rotating button to get hang of the speed. It only rotates when you press the button.

Which curling iron should I choose?

Lux classic is suitable for short to medium length hair. It is prefered for hard to hold curl hair type. It is good to achieve defined curls and waves. 
Lux natural is suitable for shoulder length to long hair. Both defined and relaxed waves/curls can be achieved using this tong.